FAQ #Payment Information

1. What are the payment option of my monthly rental?


  1. Auto debit—Deduction via customer’s debit/credit card
  2. Direct debit—Deduction via customer’s saving/current account
  3. JomPAY—code: 9928
  4. Maybank Cash Deposit Machine: Payee Code: 016
  5. CIMB (Virtual Account) dedicated account
  6. CIMB Bill Payment—Coway (M) Sdn Bhd
  7. Regular payment by cash to CODY during Heart Service

A processing fee of RM 10 will be charged if you’re not using auto debit (Depending on the order number).

2. I have change my credit card recently, How do I update my credit cards details for auto-debit purpose?


You may contact our Call Centre team via our toll-free line: 1800-888-111.

3. When does Coway normally perform the deduction from my credit card/direct debit account?

On the 1st week of the month, usually between 3rd and 5th (Varies depending on the bank).

4. Why am I receiving the same SMS every month stating that my account has been charged RM10?


When the rental payment fails to be deducted from your account, a Rental Handling Fee of RM10 will be charged.

5. I have applied for auto-debit but I am still receiving SMS stating that my rental fees has failed to be deducted?


There could be a number of reasons as to why you are still receiving the SMS despite having submitted the auto debit form:

  1. The signature on the auto debit form and the card holder are not identical, therefore your application could have been rejected by the bank. In such events, you might need to fill up another form.
  2. The form is still being processed by the bank and the auto debit transaction will only go through upon approval from the bank.

6. Why has my account been switched back to regular payment mode?


If your bill has been overdue for 3 months, your auto debit account will automatically be reverted back to regular payment mode. If you still wish to proceed with auto debit mode, kindly provide us with your card number, expiry date, issuing bank and card type to proceed.



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