FAQ #Service Membership

What benefit does a service membership include?


By subscribing to our Service Membership, you are entitled to CODY’s periodic maintenance service (Heart Service) which includes filter change and sanitation. All types of repairs (After Service) will be provided by Coway Technician (CT) and the spare parts will also come at no extra cost.

How do I renew my membership?


Simply provide us your details here and our service team will contact you as soon as possible for your renewal request. You may also contact your respective CODY for service membership renewal assistance.

How Frequently will my Coway products be service?


The service period varies for each category of Coway product:

  • Water purifier, air purifier and water softener—every 2 months
  • Bidet and outdoor filter Apolo POE 10-A—every 4 months
  • Outdoor filter Bamboo and Bamboo Mini—every 6 months


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